Icarus Creative built a bridge between sound, words and visuals for Voice, a speech and voice training company run by Verena Covi, and inspired by language and sound. I was asked to help to expand the already existing concept in its entirety.

Corporate Design


Graphic Agency, HammerAlbrecht, approached Huangart for their new website design – it should be bold and playful, whilst also being clear, structured and informative. To achieve this, Huangart turned to me.

Webdesign & Prototyping


HOT POT is an exhibition showcasing work by visual communication students from the University of Art and Design Linz. The multi-disciplinary body of work features artistic impressions of the students’ different experiences during their field trip to Hong Kong.

Corporate Design

Mitbringsl Lodge

When choosing a place to go on holidays, it’s important to feel welcomed by our chosen accommodation even before we book. Mitbringsl Lodge understood this, and commissioned a new website design not only to welcome their customers, but to help them feel relaxed before they vacation begins.




ALL ROOMS Agency is a Berlin-based independent music agency. Their new corporate design needed to reflect both the company’s strength and flexibility. To achieve this, we created a neutral, minimal concept that is simultaneously exceptional and unique, made possible through the use of an adaptable visual playground.

Corporate Design


Sometimes, big companies need someone to restructure their plans. Someone with a new perspective. Someone like Nejiru.

Corporate Design


Vienna’s original workspace for musicians and creatives, VILLA LALA invites artists from all around the world to be inspired by their authentic interiors and vibes that represent so much more than just Austria’s capital.

Webdesign & Development

Logo Excerpt

“Einfach 15”
“Frl. Josefine”
“Theater Serfaus”