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  • red dot design award
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  • Tirolissimo nomination

The visualization of the audio waves, which symbolize the versatility of the language, pronunciation and intonation, serve as the basis of the corporate identity. The waves, in their simplified form, can be dynamically translated into any medium. The types of prints are expressed in terms of the diversity of the language by giving business cards in 50 mutations. On the website, the visitor is given a playful access to the speech technology. By clicking on specially awarded words in the body text, the listener is presented with an audio sample. At the same time, animated audio waves rhythmically move to the spoken word. As an important conception and design element, corporate design makes use of phonetics – the teaching of linguistic sounds. Last but not least, the color world also plays a decisive role. Intense violet and orange tones complete the complete package for Verena Covi’s elocution technique. The target group are people who are aware of the meaning and effect of voice and language and who want to develop or optimize their potential in this field. The aim of the brand presentation is to convey the topic of voice and language from the point of view of Verena Covi, to make it unmistakably tasty and to replace the dusty image of elocution with sensuality and desirability.

backstage talk

During my time at ICARUS creative I was asked to expand the beautiful visual concept, created by Lukas Proksch. As it already has been a really dynamic corporate design, I tried to push the boundaries by making it even more dynamic. Getting rid of the lettering and combining the audio waves with only the phonetics. Which have been used for the form of the waves in the concept, but haven’t been in use ever since. The wordforms, that arise by these unusual letterforms – that we only know as the small printed text next to a word, so we know how to pronounce it – are so strong and communicative, that I exchanged them with the logo. They became a new and important part of the whole identity. In the next step I tried to bring the branding to life, by using the waves as an equalizer on the website. We asked Verena Covi, our customer, to record some complex words, of the text. So Users can now listen to her voice, when they click on the speaker symbols next to these words. At the same time the waves visualize her voice. This gives the website a playful layer. And it suddenly makes fun to read through informations on a website.

Last but not least I did the photo-documentation of the project. It should be as powerful, and joyful as Verena Covi and the whole Branding is.

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