I am Simon Liesinger – a multidisciplinary designer specialised in branding & typography.

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  • Art Direction
  • Brand Design & Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Consulting
  • Corporate Design
  • Editorial Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Interface Design
  • Lettering
  • User Experience
  • Red Dot Design Award
  • iF Award
  • Behance Feature
  • Semplice Feature
  • Tirolissimo Nomination

Design is ever evolving, from drawing with paper and pen to digital animation. Regardless of its format though, no design can truly stand out if it isn’t born from a strong concept and a solid foundation. At its heart, this means understanding the precise message you want your design to communicate before even picking up a pencil. Design should deliver a clear message, be easily understood despite language, creed or culture, and be accessible to everyone. Good design is adaptable, inclusive, and does not discriminate.


As a graphic designer, I love giving brands an appearance that is unique and tailored to them. Whether it be a logo, a typeface, an app, or an entire corporate design concept, my passion lies in creating brand identities that are not only aesthetically impressive, but also intuitive and functional.

To ensure your message is clearly portrayed, I focus on creating user-oriented design above all else. I create tidy layouts that are planned down to the smallest detail, and structure information intuitively so that it is easy to grasp. Each single point is placed intentionally, and each curve expresses a desired tension. Only in this way can a creative vision truly come to life.

I approach each new project by integrating classical design with cutting edge technology in order to achieve the best overall experience – be it print, working with moving images, webdesign, or development. To accomplish this, I continually study current trends and emerging technology relevant to my field, while always seeking to deepen my understanding of design’s history.


I am determined to offer my clients the best solution for their needs and understand that creating an effective brand identity involve more than graphic design. As such, I collaborate regularly with a growing network of professionals from a variety of fields. The ability to build a knowledgeable and professional team is crucial to ensuring my clients achieve their vision.


Design is everywhere, and it is a powerful tool that should be handled with care. It is important to me to support companies and projects whose ideas and philosophies resonate with me personally – I want to create work that I can believe in and stand behind.

Genuine cooperation is vital to the creation of memorable, quality work. As such, I take the time to develop a close working relationship with each of my clients and partners.


Since 2020 I run an agency called superfluid together with the talented Designer Nicolas Tschaikner. Superfluid is a network for Digital Design, Branding and Motion Design.